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Seeker. Lover of Wisdom. Empath. From the Cosmos to the deepest Ocean.

A Tiny Human, free Soul.


Who Am I?

I am still trying to figure this out but so far I am a human living on this beautiful giant blue ball floating in the dark and some sparkling lights or maybe just sparkling light bulbs, I haven’t checked closely yet. …

And how to Not fail at it!

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Love works great when it is both ways. This piece is for those who are in a relationship or who are on the seed stage of their relationship but the piece is only for two people to work on, even a clap requires two hands.

Love is a tree…

How to Deal With Your Thoughts When You’re Alone With Them.

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We tend to lose ourselves in thoughts in uncountable measures throughout our day yet when it comes to sitting alone with our thoughts, we are scared to look down on that rabbit hole because it is an abyss and we know there are some ugly things down there that we…

Create a Better 2021 and the following years.

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We had a different year in 2020. Some people call it a rough year.

Perspective plays a big role in our lives and how we view life. Here is how we can make better choices this year to add some positive change to our lives.

1. Choose Acceptance.

Accept the uncertainties that welcome…

Make positive changes in life by understanding yourself better.

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Knowing deeply who you are can solve most of your problems.

I had a tough time understanding myself until I gave myself enough time to sit in quiet and ask myself questions so I can genuinely answer from the place of calmness within.

Who Am I? Just kidding! do not ask that unless you want to confuse yourself

I always wondered who I am and…

One Minute Read on Getting your Inner Peace Back

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We are getting closer to the end of this year.
I hope you all had a year full of growth in all areas of your lives. :)

If the year didn’t go as planned, then don’t worry, who on earth ever promised that things will happen to our plans anyway…

One Minute Read About Faith to lighten your week.

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I’d love to hope that your weekend was a good one, but even if not, don’t worry — there’s a reason dark clouds exist because that silver lining is just so good.

Today’s wisdom quote is my go-to every time I feel lost so I thought to share it with…

A Poem

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We are two birds in love.
Two souls seeking a union.
Two beings who think
That having each other;
Is what we need.
Two people who want to hold unto each other;
Two-person with the intention of love;
Towards each other.

We are two children afraid of
Hurt or betrayal,

“Whatever you look for, will amplify”

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This Week’s Wisdom:

“Whatever you look for, will amplify.”

Again, I learned this from experience and truly love the lesson!

Once you embody this lesson, every new situation will get easier to tackle.

Whenever we are in a phase of change or discomfort zone, we try to find ways to despise it and…

Shivangi Patel

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